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Outsourcing resources

We build a culture and that's why people enjoy working with us. We have best of the best resources who are ready to jump into your project and make your life easy!

  • We have expert Tech Architects, Product Managers, Marketing executives.
  • Each resources brings the value with our exclusive support.
  • Transparent Commercials with no hidden charges.
  • Pre-joining screening and interview with your panel.
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Consultating Services

Consulting is nothing but the Uplifting. It is directly related to effeciancy, growth and reputation. Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics.

Say Yes to new ways!

We focus on moulding traditional ways of business into quircky, unarthodox and effecient process.

Growth with happy culture!

We come with deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We are good at bringing the culture to you

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Who we are?

  • 2016

    Our Humble Beginning

    Started with the drive to solve the operational problems in F&B industry

  • 2017

    An agency is Born

    Considering the huge early response to our prodcut, it was needed to have a formal Organization. That's where CeleryHQ is born!

  • 2018

    Transition to Full Service

    Considering the need and the potential in Software and Marketing services, we have started expanding the scope of work.

  • 2019

    Phase Two Expansion

    We have decided to spread our wings into Custom Sooftware development and Digital Marketing. We have started VelleStudio!

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